On, yesterday I sang my last concert of the tour, from San Mateo to Walnut Creek with Viva La Musica; under the direction of Shulamt Hoffmann. Let me tell you what an honor and experince it has been. When asked to sing I thought to myself, yes, of course, why not. I didn't realize the impact or the  music, until I sang it for the first time with Viva. Dream of Freedom and Words Like Freedom by Evan Mack, set to poems by Langston Hughes was life transforming in the since that without freedom for all mankind there is no true freedom, we all truly suffer. Singing with Viva was a waking moment for me and reminder that real music, inspires us to all be better and to aspire for the common good of others. I will strive to maintain this level of consciousness in every work of music to be sung. Thank you Viva for this opportunity of which I am forever thankful.